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Meet Lyssa at Swinging Soaps

Swinging Soaps

It started with a girl

This picture always makes me smile, I think this is how I see her-a vivacious, delightful, and beautiful girl. Alyssa has severe Eczema and has since birth. It's made her very sensitive to fragrances and other ingredients that most girls can use. 

Swinging Soaps

Make Life happy

I sincerely hope you love each product that Alyssa and I create. Our bath & body products are suited to most skin types but it's my dream that Swinging Soaps delights and inspires other girls like Lyssa to embrace their love of fun bath products. With a product customized to sensitivities, without sacrificing what makes the product fun to use.
There is no cure for eczema, but you can celebrate life's little pleasures with us.
Thank you for allowing me to chase a dream. I am ever grateful.

Swinging Soaps-Retail Shop
Swinging Soaps-Our soap shop

A New Adventure

Swinging Soaps is a shop located in Windor, ON. The shop is divided into two sides, a fully operational workshop, and our retail shop. 
We welcome customers to browse and shop our items, feel free to watch us make your favourite products through the windows. 
We are now launching our website, and it's my hope that the website delights as much and feels as welcoming, as a visit to our shop. I hope this site helps our customers purchase products immediately as they are released and I hope our website welcomes new customers that otherwise may not be able to make it into our store.

Bath Truffle-Solid Oil bar-Swinging Soaps

Bath Truffle 

A decadent truffle that has over six ounces of skin loving oils folded into every batch. Lyssa's first response was "Feel me!" 

Gentle Bath Products

Embrace your love of fun bath products with a product that is truly formulated gentle. .

So Many Choices

All of our handmade soap, bath & body products come in lots of fun fragrance and designs, we have a large selection for you to choose from.