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Bath Bomb Kit - Instructions




Bring our factory right into your own home! Our kits are guaranteed fun for you and/or your little one. Each kit makes 4-6, 2.75" bath bombs with your favourite colour and scent. We've altered our own recipe to make it easier to create at home, and is the same recipe we've used to teach so many classes.

Perfect for ages 6 & up. Young children will need an Adult's help. The only things we don't include in our kits are a mixing bowl (which should not be used in the kitchen for food, after making bath bombs), a paint brush for your glitter (optional), and a little bit of patience. Bath bombs can be messy work, so remember to wear old clothes or an apron, and set something down under your work station.

We know that bath bombs are hard to make, so we've added four complete molds into your kit so you can cheat! Leave your mix in the molds to set up for an hour, then carefully remove them from the molds to harden overnight. The only hard part is the waiting!

Scroll down for a Step by Step Guide, FAQ's, Troubleshooting & Tips

How to make bath bombs-Step by Step Guide


Step 1 -How to make bath bombs
Step 2 -How to make bath bombs
Step 3 -How to make bath bombs

Into your bowl

Add your Poly 80, Oil, Colour, and Fragrance. Mix until all the colour is incorporated. The more you mix in this step, the less streaks there will be. When it's really mixed, start adding small amounts of baking soda to make it into a paste.

So far, so good..

Keep adding baking soda, as you mix, you'll see your paste turn into a dough (see above).
Catch up all the bits on the side of the bowl and keep adding baking soda, little by little.

Mix Baking Soda

It'll look like this when you have added all the baking soda. You want to keep mixing, rubbing it between your hands like they're cold- to get rid of any streaks of colour. If you mix well in step one, you won't have as many streaks as I have here. 

Step 4 -How to make bath bombs
Step 5 -How to make bath bombs
Step 6 -How to make bath bombs

Almost done mixing

Your batch is ready for the next step! Add your witch hazel at this point, and mix. Once you've done that, add the Citric Acid-pucker up, it smells like sour lemons. Mix until everything is coloured, you should have no white powder.

Glitter goes a long way

Take a top mold from your pile, with a paint brush add a little glitter.
Don't worry, it looks tiny but it'll spread out and be really pretty.

Tap, tap, tap

Tap your mold gently on a surface, the vibration helps the glitter expand and move around evenly. You can also use your brush to help it spread.

Step 7 -How to make bath bombs
Step 8-How to make bath bombs
Step 9 -How to make bath bombs

First Mountain!

Pack a good handful of the mix straight on top of the glitter, don't worry-your glitter won't disappear. Add another handful so you have a nice tall mountain.


Lets make another mountain-Fill a bottom mold so you now have 2 big mountains.
The mountains are very important, they help you make a really solid bomb.

Squish time!

Turn both sides into each other and squish both sides together. Now move your hands in opposite twisting motions until the rim of the Saturn rings touch. You won't need to use a lot of force, it happens naturally as you twist.

Step 10 -How to make bath bombs
Step 11 -How to make bath bombs
Step 12 -How to make bath bombs

What a creation!

Carefully, Remove the top mold but leave the bottom mold on! You'll need it.
You now have a perfect bomb. It's like making a sandcastle!

Beautiful bath bomb!

Set your bath bomb and mold onto a muffin tray/treat cups. Leave for an hour to harden. After the hour, take your bath bomb out of its mold and gently place on a lined tray to dry overnight.

Time to make more!

You still have tons of batch left. Ready to make another? Repeat the previous steps until finished.
If you have any left over, you can use it- sprinkle the left over bath bomb dust into your tub for a foamy surpise. :)


The Kit & Prep

  What's inside the box and Who is it for?

  Bath Bomb Ingredients-What are they?

  Before you start-Prep is key

  What extra's will I need?

  Bath Bomb Safety

Molding Bath Bomb

Troubleshooting & Tips

  Can I use other molds?

  Help! My bath bombs are really fragile

  My bath bomb mix is getting really dry

  One colour but sharing is so lovely!

Transporting & Using Your bath bombs

That's a wrap!

  Your gorgeous bath bombs are all made -Now what?

  Transporting soft bath bombs

  Fun things to do with left over mix

  When can we use our bath bombs?

  Do bath bombs have a shelf life?

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LOVE, just LOVE!

It's amazing how one bath bomb mix and one mold can start a business built around love, passion and hard work. Thank you.


We hope to inspire you to delve into our world-If only to create memories to make you smile

One Mold-Endless possibility

Whether you start with the molds in your kit, use homemade or professional molds, who would have thought you could do so much with scented powder?



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