It is during these times that explaining our practices and workplace routines is so important. 

When we make product, we practice GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes). There are lots of things we do, but as an overview, this means we don't make things when we are sick, we wear nitrile gloves and change them a lot-with each new task, we sanitize our hands in-between tasks, wear masks at appropriate times, and unwrapped finished product isn't touched unless hands are sanitized. The tables we use to make your products on are made of stainless steel. The surfaces unwrapped product sits on are sanitized. All surfaces, utensils, bowls and equipment are washed, rinsed and then sanitized in disinfectant. We haven't changed this practice-it's a good practice to have :).

When you purchase a product from our shop, you can rest easy knowing it's as clean as we can make it.

New practices we enforce:

Our shop is large and we want everyone to feel comfortable so we are allowing 4 groups of people in at a time.

Masks are mandatory on the retail side and must be worn at all times unless you are under two years of age. There is a questionnaire about Covid on our door that asks about your health. If you are not feeling well, please order online/select curbside through our website. We sincerely hope you feel better.