Swinging Soaps-Building A Dream

From a Conceptional Design to Completion

Signing the lease at 2001 Provincial Road was one of the scariest, most exhilarating things I have ever done. They say behind every entrepreneur is someone great and I wouldn't have had the courage to try, if it weren't for my Dave. He is the most supportive person I know and I am so blessed.

We took an empty space-a really big empty space and made it a happy place

We met with a designer-this was the end game.

Swinging Soaps Mock up

Now all we had to do is apply ourselves.

To all 2 500 square feet...

Swinging Soaps-before the build

We can make a lot of soap in this space.

We have a very big room

Work in Progress at Swinging Soaps

A wall divides our workshop and soap shop

Swinging Soaps dividing wall

Soon to be filled with wonderful ingredients. 

Factory side of Swinging SoapsSwinging soaps-Retail sideSwinging Soaps-RetailSwinging Soaps-A 23 foot cupcake MuralSwinging Soaps-a testing bar for customersSwinging Soaps-Testing BarSwinging Soaps Retail ShopSwinging Soaps-Retail ShopSwinging soaps-Mock upSwinging Soaps

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