DIY Bath Bomb Kit

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Bring our factory right into your own home!

What's better than our bath bombs? Bath bombs that you can make at home!

This large bath bomb kit includes everything you are going to need to create amazing bath bombs. This full bath bomb kit will not disappoint-You get lots of ingredients to play with. 

  • Super Gentle Bath Bombs that are fun to use!
  • Amazing Colours that rinse clean-so you don't hate us.
  • Your choice of colour and fragrance
  • Enough mix to make 4-6 full size bath bombs
  • Perfect for ages 6 & up. Young children will need an Adult's help.
  • Recommended for 1-2 people
  • Beautifully gift wrapped 
  • Click our How to Mold Bath Bombs for a step by step guide, troubleshooting, FAQ's and Tips.

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