Rocket Bath Bomb

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Fly into outer space, fight monsters, go to strange new worlds and meet strange new people, and when you're done SPLASH-DOWN in your bath and watch the colours fizz - for the Buzz Lightyear in all of us.... surprise burst of golden stars, yellow, orange and red foam and fizz to leave you with light peach coloured bath water in this little bath bomb that is perfect for kids baths. 

  • Super Gentle Bath Bombs that are fun to use!
  • Colour changing bath water-Rinses clean-so you don't hate us.
  • This kids bath bomb fizzes for 2 minutes
  • Feel great about our packaging-All our shrink wrap is recyclable

This rocket bath bomb is scented with Twisted Peppermint- a blend of cool mint, white sugar, and rich vanilla. 

155 g