Our Story

Where dreams are born

Swinging Soaps started as an idea around a kitchen table. We began a Mother and Daughter journey that has blossomed from a labour of love. Using Jenny's past experience making beauty products for Spas & Distributors, and Alyssa's sensitivities to beauty products due to her eczema, we began to perfect our recipes in our quest to create a truly gentle bath product for everyone to enjoy. 

Jenny & Alyssa

There are many types of bravery

Using Alyssa's bakery inspirations, we combined our passions to create a (very pink) Paris-inspired Patisserie style setting, where we had the hopes of delighting people with our gentle, whimsical soap creations. Thus, Swinging Soaps was born and we opened our first soap shop in Windsor, Ontario in 2015. 

Our Really Big Adventure

Think of the happiest things

We were inspired to create the prettiest soap shop in Canada, we know you'll find a new favourite gift or special bath treat so join us in our really big adventure to see what's next. Do come in for an unforgettable experience!

Our Promise to You


We promise to only use the best ingredients where quality over costs of raw materials is always the only factor.  We promise to offer you the best bath product we can make

Affordable Indulgence

We hope that you find your perfect gift, that you enjoy our shop, love our bath products & our service with you surpasses expectation 
Jenny & Alyssa

Always Fresh

Something new and always fresh. We are constantly perfecting the performance of our bath products.
We hope you love finding our new creations when you browse our shop in person or online.

Happy thoughts

"Love this space! Your energy is beautiful...You have a new life long customer. Amazing products. Thank you."

Christie A.

"Waaaaayyy better than L*** and your number #1 place for best place ever. I'm going to come again for sure. I love all the soaps so much. I would love to live here one day"


"Cute store, love the soaps & you! You can tell you put your heart & soul into this and it is inspiring"


"Back again! Won't buy bath products from anywhere else! I'm obsessed"


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