Crafting Dreams: A Tale of Creativity

Discover the story behind Swinging Soaps and how it all started as a hobby in our founder's kitchen. Read about our passion for creating high-quality, natural soaps and how we turned it into a successful business. Join us on our journey and find out what makes Swinging Soaps unique.
The owners of Swinging Soaps

Where dreams start...

Welcome to the world of Swinging Soaps, where our dreams are made! Our story began with a mother and daughter duo who shared a passion for creating gentle and nourishing bath products. Alyssa's lifetime sensitivities due to her eczema, combined with a decade of experience making beauty products for Spas & Distributors, led to the birth of Swinging Soaps.

Our journey started just like all good ideas - around the kitchen table. We experimented and perfected our recipes, and before we knew it, Swinging Soaps was born! Our products are made with the finest ingredients and are gentle for sensitive skin.

We take pride in our products and are committed to making sure that every customer has a wonderful experience with Swinging Soaps. Thank you for joining us on this journey - we can't wait to share our creations with you!

Swinging Soaps Shop Front

Where art thrives

Swinging Soaps is a family-run business that started in 2015 when Alyssa and her mom perfected their gentle bath product recipes. Fast forward to today, and we have made over 40,000 bath bombs!

Our soap shop in Windsor, Ontario has moved online and is still a very happy place where we share our successes together. With no employees, we are passionate about creating whimsical and gentle soap creations that delight our customers.

Thank you for supporting our dream and we can't wait to share our bubbly creations with you!

Join Us on an Adventure

Looking for a happy place to shop? Look no further! At Swinging Soaps, we are on a mission to create the happiest soap shop in all of Canada. Whether you're in search of a unique gift or a special treat for yourself, we have something that's sure to make you smile.

Join us on our adventure and discover what's next in our whimsical world of soap. With a wide variety of products to choose from, we're confident that you'll find your new favorite. Place an order and experience the joy of Swinging Soaps for yourself!