Birthday Cake Donut Bath Bomb

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Treat Yourself!

This Birthday Cake donut bath bomb is a celebration that starts off with swirls of coloured foam that explode with a kaleidoscope of colour! No two donuts are the same-we have packed them with surprise colour bursts. Adding Shea Butter to these donut bath bombs is the finishing touch-You'll love how soft your skin feels!

240 g

Bath Bomb Scent:

Birthday cake donut bath bombs are scented with a mix of rich, sweet notes of butter cream icing, cake and oodles of heavy cream. 

Things you'll love about our bath bombs:

    • Our gentle bath bombs are fun to use
    • Made with nourishing Shea Butter - Your skin feels amazingly soft
    • Surprise hidden colours inside 
    • Colours bath water
    • No staining - Rinses clean - So you don't hate us
    • Feel great about our packaging - All our shrink wrap is recyclable  

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