Blue Raspberry Slushie Bath Bomb

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This sweet Blue Raspberry Slushie bath bomb is sure to bring you back to memories of corner store hang outs.

Swirls of blue and purple fizz and foam come together beautifully in this large bath bomb to make a true-to-its-name blue bath water experience. Step into warm waters softened by Shea Butter and relax with this yummy scented fun fizzy bath bomb.

  • Super Gentle Bath Bombs that are fun to use!
  • Colour changing bath water-Rinses clean-so you don't hate us!
  • This bath bomb fizzes for 2-2.5 minutes
  • Feel great about our packaging-All our shrink wrap is recyclable

Childhood memories are bound to be awakened with this fun, sweet bath bomb. Plump, juicy raspberry, cotton candy and vanilla are enveloped into a totally addicting sweet scent.

 240 g