Cotton Candy Whipped Soap

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A sweet treat for your skin!

This might be the best thing that you never knew you needed. Whipped to perfection this fluffy soap is velvety smooth and super creamy. This whipped soap has rich lather to leave a fantastic glide that you can actually feel straight after the shower/bath. It leaves your skin super moisturized.

We hand piped each cream soap with big, beautiful ruffles. It looks like a jar of piped butter cream icing. 

  • Each jar is hand piped with gorgeous ruffles
  • Fantastic Lather
  • Made Gentle
  • Makes a great shaving cream
  • Versatile Cream Soap-use as a hand soap / in the shower as a body wash

Whipped Soap Scent:

The sweetness of spun Sugar is swirled with creamy Vanilla and Fruity notes of Strawberry and Cherry in this happy bath bomb. Perfect for Candy and Fruity lovers!

5 oz