Dinosaur Bath Bomb

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These adorable dinosaur bath bombs will have you child roaring with delight! Drop one in and watch as swirls of colour fill the tub, and leaving behind brightly coloured bath water.

145 g

Bath Bomb Scents:

Green Dinosaur - Crisp Green Apple: tart Citrus, a touch of Berry, Peach and light Musk at the base complete this totally true to life scented bath bomb.

Blue Dinosaur - Blue Raspberry Slushie: Childhood memories are bound to be awakened with this fun, sweet bath bomb. Plump, juicy raspberry, cotton candy and vanilla are enveloped into a totally addicting sweet scent. 

Pink Dinosaur - Bubble Gum: a juicy bubble gum scent with sweet notes of berries, pineapple and peach and citrus burst

Things you'll love about our bath bombs:

    • Our gentle bath bombs are fun to use
    • Made with nourishing Shea Butter - Your skin feels amazingly soft
    • Surprise hidden colours inside 
    • Colours bath water
    • No staining - Rinses clean - So you don't hate us
    • Feel great about our packaging - All our shrink wrap is recyclable  

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