French Lavender Donut Bath Bomb

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Shout it to the world! Donut shapes make the best bath bombs-these happy inventions volcano from the center, ricochet and dart around the tub. 

This French Lavender Donut bath bombs start off with swirls of pretty purple and colours bath water a lovely shade of purple. With Shea Butter added to every batch-You're going to really love how soft your skin feels! 

  • Super Gentle Bath Bombs that are fun to use!
  • Colour changing bath water-Rinses clean-without the scrubbing.
  • This bath bomb fizzes for 2-2.5 minutes
  • Feel super great about our packaging-All our shrink wrap is recyclable

Less heady that its English counterpart, this French Lavender bath bomb is hauntingly sweet. Relax as beautiful notes of fragrant Lavender instantly calm the senses.

240 g