Loofah Bar Soap - Gardenia

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A great "wake me up' loofah bar soap! This bar soap is packed with a loofah center that buffs away dead skin to reveal softer skin for a deep clean.

Made with 100% vegetable glycerin and natural loofah. Loofah comes from a fibrous plant that produces a gourd like vegetable. Loofah has a rough texture that makes it an excellent natural exfoliator.  

Glycerin is natural and draws moisture to hydrate and soften your skin as it gently cleans. The result is a gorgeous bar soap that leaves you feeling refreshed and clean.

  • Thoroughly exfoliates to reveal glowing, smoother skin
  • Glycerin draws moisture into your skin
  • Vegan friendly
  • Biodegradable

    This soap is in full bloom! Top notes of Lily, Jasmine, strawberry and grape. Heart notes of Gardenia, Lilac, Rose, Hyacinth and Narcissus. Base notes of balsam, amber musk, wood notes & Violet. Honest, simple and utterly romantic.  

    205 g