Gift Box-Assorted Donut Bath Bombs

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Could anything be happier than a gorgeous gift box of donut bath bombs? 

Donut shapes make the best bath bombs gifts-these happy inventions volcano from the center, colour your bath water and love to travel in bath water. Best of all, when you are done, they all rinse clean. No scrubbing/staining. 

 The best bath bomb gift box is one that you get to customize! You choose the ribbon & box fill colours, and the donut bath bombs!

  • Pick any 6 donut bath bombs from our Donut bath bomb Collection
  • If you have a favourite colour for the ribbon & box fill, please let us know that too. We have pink, purple, blue, navy, yellow, green, cream, and red.
  • Let us know which donuts and ribbon and fill colour you would like when you checkout. We'll make sure to gift wrap them as beautifully as shown.  

1500 g 

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