Ouija Planchette Soap

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Ouija Planchette Soap - Gold & Black
Ouija Planchette Soap - Purple & Black

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Our Ouija Planchette Soaps is sure to conjure a delightful reaction! These fun Ouija soaps look great in a spooky gift basket and make a perfect Halloween gift. This Planchette soap is available in both black/purple and black/gold.

75 g


Twilight is a romantic blend of lavender and lilac intertwine with notes of warm woods, eucalyptus, white musk and sugared vanilla to create a hauntingly beautiful scented soap. 

Things you'll love about our soaps:

  • A super gentle bar soap with fantastic lather!
  • Made with 100% vegetable glycerin-We don't use animal oils so our soaps rinse clean and leave no soapy film behind.
  • Glycerin is a natural emollient that draws moisture to soften your skin and gently cleans without upsetting the delicate pH balance of your skin.