Rainbow Bath Bomb Gift Set- A Rainbow Adventure

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We're so excited to introduce our NEW Limited Edition Rainbow Adventure bath bomb set! This gift set includes two full size bath bombs. And offers a full 15 minutes of bath art!

Watch in delight as a miniature rainbow fills your tub with happy colours, followed by swirls of brightly coloured foam from the balloons. All fading to leave behind pretty purple coloued bath water that rinses clean when you are finished.

Our Rainbow bath bombs are sure to bring a smile and brighten anyone's day. 

  • Two Super Gentle Bath Bombs that are such fun to use!
  • This rainbow bath bomb and balloon bath bomb continues for 15+ minutes
  • Colour changing bath water-Rinses clean without staining-so you don't hate us!
  • Comes beautifully gift wrapped 

Lie back and relax as this Rainbow bath bomb takes you up, up and away to a warm summer day at the beach-with sprays of salt water mist and the brightness of the sun. 

This original rainbow bath bomb set is one of the hardest bath bombs we make. From initial mix to finished bath bombs-this set takes over a week to complete. Each bath bomb is handcrafted and carefully constructed, then hand painted by Alyssa. 

Rainbow Bath Bombs are our bestsellers, they're the perfect fizzy for any age.

500 g