Stereo Shaped Bath Bomb

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We can't imagine anything more delightful than this interactive retro Stereo bath bomb. Each Stereo fizzy comes with two itty bitty cassette bath bombs. They make your voice change when you unbox them, they are so cute!

Drop your little mini's in the tub and pout! Then add the Stereo shaped bath bomb and watch as light and dark pink foam fill your bath water. This might be the most fun bath you've ever had!

  • This fun bath bomb generally fizzes 2-2.5 minutes
  • Colours bath water-rinses clean.
  • Shop with Confidence-Watch our Fizzy Bath bomb Demo's before you buy
  • Gentle Bath Bomb-Created by someone who has sensitive skin
  • All our shrink wrap is recyclable

Bath Bomb Scent:

Rock Star. 


235 g