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Bar Soap FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

About Bar Soaps

  What's are the benefits of glycerin bar soaps?

  Does your soaps contain Dairy?

  Artisan Bar Soaps-what's inside?

  How long does a bar soap last? Does soap expire?

  How to store your glycerine bar soap

  Is your bar soaps gentle? Will bar soap dry out my skin?

  I have Eczema, will I be able to use your bar soaps?

  Bar soap vs Liquid

  Is bar soap dirty?

  Making bar soap less messy

  Are your bar soaps Vegan friendly?

  Do you test on Animals?

  Is our soap bar packaging eco friendly?

  Humidity and Glycerin Dew-What is it?

  Why did my bar soap colours fade/change over time?

  What is "May Contain" colours on your bar soap labels?

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