Large Bunny Tail Bath Bomb

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Bath Bomb - Large Bunny Tail
Large Blue Bath Bomb - Bunny Tail shape (pictured top left)

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This very BIG bunny tail bath bomb is such a delight! Bunny tail bath bombs make the perfect, happy gift. You can break it up for multiple uses. Available in Pink or Blue.

*Large Blue bunny tail bath bomb pictured top left with mini bunny tails-so cute! Updated photograph coming soon.

Things you'll love about our bath bombs:

  • This bath bomb generally fizzes 2-2.5 minutes
  • Multiple Uses
  • Lots and lots of hidden colours
  • Colours bath water-rinses clean.
  • Gentle Bath Bomb-Created by someone who has sensitive skin
  • All our shrink wrap is recyclable

Bath Bomb Scent

Pink: Jelly Bean.

Blue: Vanilla. 

475 g

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